Ready to find out how you can begin or stay “Blended in Love” like we have? Well, let us be the first to tell you that it isn’t easy.

As a matter of fact, it’s quite difficult. With blending inlaws, children and friends, while still getting to know one another….well, let’s just say it takes a lot of prayer, patience and sometimes a good drink or two!

Denero and I met in 2017 while we both worked in the same department (Anesthesiology…yep, took me a while to spell that one right lol) at Ochsner Main Campus in New Orleans, LA. I was the Executive Assistant to the System Chair of Anesthesiology and he was our department IT business analyst.

He called me “the devil”! Yep, legit. We weren’t so fond of each other when we first met! As a matter of fact, he said I had no edges (not a lie…it’s certainly hereditary) and I felt like he was always breaking my computer!

I was going through a divorce, at the time, and was in my separation period nearing the end of the required separation time before the divorce would be made final. I seriously was emotionally exhausted. Like really!

It wasn’t that my first marriage was completely bad. It just wasn’t something I could stay in for the rest of my life. Once my ex-husband and I mutually agreed that we’d be better off divorce, we took the steps to do so.

So, here I was single, emotionally drained and feeling someone unwanted or if I had “failed”.

One day, Denero walks in. Yep, he was the new guy. The first thing I noticed was his hazel-brown eyes. The second thing I noticed…..he was rude as hell. Didn’t speak. Just walked in to my desk and said not a word. SMH. Good thing I didn’t count him out after our first impression of meeting one another!

He was mysterious. But most of all, he made me laughed. During the next 4 months, we ate lunch together, talked about our past and future plans and annoyed the heck out of each other. I can tell you, neither of us was entertaining the idea of a date…at all!

Tune in to our livestream (we’ll post a video below once we’ve streamed it and learn more about how we got to that first date….


  • What was the first thing you noticed about your significant other when you first met?
  • Do you remember the first interaction you had with your significant other?
  • Was there anything that turned you off in the first impression?
  • Did you know they were the one at first sight?


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